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I offer 1:1 sessions to help you learn how to manage your thyroid disease. It can be a long and hard road. You’re not alone. Let’s do this together!

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2. Want to Listen to My Podcast, the Thyroid Warrior?
My podcast, the Thyroid Warrior Podcast outlines my journey navigating life with a thyroid disease. It’s full of stories, strategies, and tips on how to live your best life!

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I have a list of goodies that I love!

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4. Thyroid Basics Course
My Thyroid Basics Mini Course walks you through 4 modules to help you to manage your condition. It has four modules:

1. Mindset Shift

2. Fighting Inflammation

3. Self Care is the Best Care

4. Developing Healthy Habits in Order to Be More Productive

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“There are many things that I appreciated about our sessions. The one thing that makes her an exceptional coach is that she supported me in times that I didn’t reach my weekly goal. She always encouraged and let me know that lifestyle changes do not happen overnight. Ebony would never suggest something for me to try that she has not researched and tried for herself. There are many health coaches out there; but there is only one Ebony Colina. She is passionate about helping others become their very best and will be there to cheer you on to reach your goals.”

K. Moore