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Here you can read about some of my key lessons learned and takeaways while managing my condition.

Moving and Your Thyroid

I MOVED! Moving can add demands on our bodies that we're not ready for. During this time I trying to be very diligent about what I was eating and I was trying to keep my stress levels down in order to help my thyroid levels. What made it so stressful, you ask? Trying...

Sleep is Essential

Sleep is such a vital component of our lives. During sleep your body heals and restores itself and you're able to have a bit more pep in your step the next day. When you have a thyroid disease, however, sleep can be the farthest thing from your mind! Think about it,...

Stress and How to Kick Its Butt

Stress. It's one of those things that many people don't care to admit that it can cause a problem on your body. Or, in many cases, they just don't realize how bad it is for you. If you've had problems with feeling sluggish, fatigued and started noticing that you're in...