Heart Health…it’s so important.  We need our heart to function and thrive. When you have a thyroid condition, you have to be very aware of how balanced your hormones, vitamins and minerals are in your body. If your thyroid gland is underactive, it can cause your heartbeat to slow down, cause an increase in cholesterol, or worse. The reverse is true when you thyroid gland is working too hard: you can have heart palpitations (boy do I know those well) or even an irregular heartbeat. My thyroid condition is what prevented me from competing in track and field in college. My heart palpitations were insane. It’s really important for you to talk to your doctor about your heart, especially when you have a thyroid condition.

While everyone is different, it’s very important to pay attention to any symptoms that you may have, particularly those related to your heart. If you noticed some of the following symptoms, perhaps it may be time for you to start asking your doctor a few questions:

Higher cholesterol levels
Increased blood pressure
Muscle aches (especially if you take a statin (cholesterol lowering medication)
Heart Palpitations
Irregular heartbeat

If you have a family history of thyroid and heart issues, definitely try to talk to your doctor about risk factors.

On the podcast episode today, Karen talked about all of these things!

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Here’s some information about her so that you can understand her awesomeness!

Karen fell in love with the heart while working with cardiac patients in the surgical intensive care unit at a major medical center. She found the work rewarding but always wished there was a way to help patients avoid surgery. She followed that desire and began working in cardiac rehabilitation with patients who had been recently diagnosed with heart disease or suffered a heart attack. While working with these individuals on a long-term basis , she kept hearing a similar story repeated. “I feel so much better than I did before my heart attack! Now I’m doing all those things I meant to do for myself someday.” Karen was motivated by these stories to pursue a degree in Health Promotion and complete training as a personal coach.

Today, Karen loves working with individuals who know they are at risk for developing heart disease. Through inspiration, accountability and encouragement she helps her clients take those steps to improve their health and life balance BEFORE the heart attack!

She began her nursing career as a surgical intensive care nurse at a major medical center – Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C. She later moved to a nearby community hospital with strong cardiac programs (Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD). She began her cardiac rehabilitation work at the Bennett Institute in Baltimore, MD where she loved working within their holistic fitness center that was also open to community members. Karen completed her Master’s in Health Promotion Management at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. At that time, she also became a Certified Health Education Specialist. Following her move to Richmond, VA, Karen continued working in management and clinical roles in cardiac rehabilitation facilities. While there, she completed personal coach training through CoachU. Since that time, she has continued supporting individuals working to make lifestyle changes both in cardiac rehabilitation settings and personal or group coaching settings. Karen is a member of the International Coach Federation. She is also an active member of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association and the Central Florida Chapter of the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association.

Karen loves speaking to groups on topics such as stress management, knowing your cardiac risk factors, and new/emerging risk factors for heart disease. Karen also has written articles for magazines such as Vibrant Life and Natural Awakenings.

Take a listen below:


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