Fats are healthy component to anyone’s life and come in 4 different types:

  1. Saturated (solid at room temp)
  2. Trans fats (solid at room temp) (partially hyrdogenated oils) (used in deep frying foods, makes food taste better and last longer)
  3. Monounsaturated fats (liquid at room temp)
  4. Polyunsaturated fats (liquid at room temp)
    Green text equals they’re considered “better for you”

Fats help to fuel you. Think about the macronutrients that you pay attention to on your health app. You need fat as it not only helps with energy, but it also helps your body take in vital nutrients (Think E, D, A, etc). Fats are also really good to support your body from your nerves to your brain.

There is more! First and foremost, eating a well rounded diet, meaning eating fruits, veggies, clean, lean meats, having healthy portion sizes and whole grains is essential. The good thing is that eating healthy fats will keep you full longer, it reduces your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, and it reduces inflammation, which SURPRISE is good for your thyroid too! I tend to keep my intake of soy products to a minimum, but as always, consult with a physician or nutritionist about what works best for you.

I love learning about ways to increase my healthy fat intake. I’ve also added some of this information in my thyroid guide! If you haven’t purchased it yet, go here!

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