This Exercise stuff…what is it all about?

Exercise is for everyone, regardless of whether you do crossfit or if you walk. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of exercise. Remember, that your thyroid maintains the cells involved in metabolism and by exercising, you increase that and can help your thyroid. It reduces stress and anxiety and it can reduce other factors that can impact your health, including lowering your risk for diabetes, heart disease and bad cholesterol.

I’m, ready to get started, what do I do?

When you start to exercise, START SLOW. Because of joint pain, you have to be gentle on your joints and avoid high impact routines right out the gate. If you decide to work with a personal trainer, tell them about your limitations. When I worked with my personal trainer, I let her know that some days would be better than others and I had to take things one step at a time because I didn’t want to hurt myself. We started with low impact exercises and I worked my way up to the higher impact exercises and heavier weights. When I do my at home workout programs, I modify when I need to. I don’t worry about pushing myself to an extreme, and you should either.

Soooo food…how does that work?

As I mentioned in episode 20, make sure consume a well rounded diet. It’s important that you eat well and try to avoid junk food. There are often common foods that individuals with thyroid diseases shouldn’t have, but everyone is different. Talk to your doctor about what works best for you.

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