Endocrine Disruptors?! Sounds Like a Lot

Endocrine disruptors are similar in structure to common hormones in our bodies…think (estrogen and thyroid hormones). These disruptors will block the bodies’ ability to receive or bind to the proper hormones. This can cause your hormone levels to be too high or too low, it can block how your body actually creates hormones and it can mimic your body’s hormones in general.

But Guess Where They’re Hiding!!

Endocrine disruptors are found in many common substances. Think about BPAs (we will leave out the fancy scientific names, but in case you’re curious, BPA stands for bisphenol A). We know that BPAs are used in a lot of plastics. There are several issues with BPAs:

      1. The compounds found in BPA products have ingredients that mimic your hormones.
      2. It can be linked to many different types of cancers and reproductive issues.
      3. Many companies are trying to do more to understand the research behind BPAs and some companies have tried to reduce the BPA lining/covering in many products.
      4. Here’s the problem…there isn’t a lot of research that supports what BPAs do the human body. There’s evidence for wildlife, but it’s really just hard to tell because some studies support the claims that BPAs are bad for you while others aren’t quite sure.

That Sounds Gross, How Do I Protect Myself??

Here are three ways:

    1. Use essential oils in a diffuser instead of candles
    2. DIY most things and phasing out household things (think household cleaners made from vinegar or soaps from things like Dr. Bronner’s)
    3. Buying organic when possible


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