This podcast episode talks all about summer hair….yes you may want awesome beach body waves, but guess what…healthy hair starts in the kitchen! Hair stylist Jenna J from Detroit brings us more information about more natural ways to take care of your hair in the hot summer days.

I have learned that there are a lot of things to consider when you have a thryoid disease. I had no idea that your medication can affect how your your hair absorbs hair dye! This podcast episode is really cool because we talked about everyday home items that can really benefit your hair.

However, it’s very important to remember that hyrdration is key to maintaining healthy locks!

There are so many products that have a lot of chemicals in them that can truly wreak havoc on our bodies. If you can eat it, you can use it for your hair.

Here’s a Pinterest board of some of my favorite DIY hair care products.

DIY Hair Care 


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