Ebony Colina

Thyroid Disease Coach
I Show You How to Take a Full Body Approach to Support a Small, But Mighty Organ.

When you think about your daily struggles with your thyroid condition, what comes to mind? Is it energy, weight gain, weight loss, confusion about what your doctor has prescribed you?

If you had your way, what would you hope to learn? Would it be how to increase your energy levels, or how to manage your workload, or even what’s the best foods to eat to help you feel better?

  I’m glad you’re here! Stay a while.

My name is Ebony Colina and I am a thyroid disease coach that works with individuals to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. What that means is that I take a full body approach to help you maximize your health and minimize symptoms through education.

 I have struggled with all of the things that I mentioned before and I want to help you. I want to hear about YOU! I want to hear about who you are, what your favorite foods are and how you have been able to heal yourself. We’re going to be best buds and I’m so excited that you’re here.

What are you hoping to learn about? What would you like to talk about? I’m ready to sit and cry, laugh, and share virtual hugs with you as we talk about all of your lessons learned and how you want to feel better.

My Core Values and Beliefs

Great Health is Possible

I believe that everyone is capable of good health. Sometimes you just need someone to guide you through the process.

Self Care is Invaluable to the Healing Process

I help you to recognize the benefits of self care. Not only does it work wonders for your health, but it allows you to show up for others.

Mindset is Critical to Your Success

I empower others to shift their mindset to focus on the goals that they desire to achieve that is related to their health.