A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hey there!

I’m constantly adding tools and products that can help you manage your thyroid disease. I have personally used or tried all of these products and I love them!

Affiliate Alert: If you make a purchase within any of these links, I will receive a piece of the pie 🥧 . You always have the option to purchase any of these items separate from any link on my site.

Getting Started With a Thyroid Disease

These are goodies that keep me going and have provided me with answers when I was newly diagnosed. 

Please consult your physician prior to taking supplements, changing your nutrition or starting a new exercise plan. 

Easing into Exercise

These are my go to items for my workout sessions.

Always be sure to consult with a physician prior to starting a new program.


I’ve used all of these supplements help me manage my thyroid disease.

Please make sure that you discuss taking supplements with your healthcare provider prior to starting/taking any new vitamins/supplements.

My Favorite Snacks

Snacks keep me going. I try very hard to keep my blood sugar levels stable. I constantly add more snacks as I try new things!

My Meal Planning Essentials

I LOVE FOOD.  I have learned that the crockpot is my best friend! However, it can be pretty intimidating to get started, especially since there are so many options.

My Productivity Favorites

I love to plan and I love to make sure I stay organized because brain fog is real. I write things down to keep my mental space as clear as I can! Hopefully these things will help you too!