WE MOVED…two floors up in our apartment building.

It was easy from the perspective that it was in the same building, but difficult in that it was still a move AND I was struggling to maintain my diet and exercise. Remember, during this time I trying to be very diligent about what I was eating and I was trying to keep my stress levels down. Moving is more stressful than wedding planning in my opinion and I was ready to cry everyday. What made it so stressful, you ask?

Trying to maintain and being scared about what’s going on around you can negatively impact all of the hard work that you’ve done for the last four weeks at the time. I would have been so hurt if I “did something wrong” during that time that would make my thyroid levels higher. I was also having a hard time managing my exercise routine. It seemed like the more I tried, the more tired I became. There were also times when I was ready to call it quits, especially since moving is the arch nemesis of my husband.

I quickly learned that rather than getting upset, I had to make a decision. I would either think about the big picture and do the best that I could, or I would stress myself out and argue with my husband…I chose the earlier decision.

I knew that in order to make this work, I had to come up with a plan, so I did. I created a floor plan of each room in our apartment and I wrote down what was in each room. I then created labels that I could either write on or type in to map out what would be in each box. I had no time to be second guessing what I packed. I packed much of our apartment and I left out a weeks worth of clothes and dishes to get us through the move.

Suddenly the big day came. We started getting things going and I realized how much I was holding onto. I’ve thrown away so many unnecessary things. I also learned the following:

1.Sometimes you “think” that you have it together, but then you do a deep dive and realize how much has truly been holding you down. Get rid of it…Things, people and thoughts.

2. It’s so important to constantly re-evaluate yourself to find ways to improve or make changes in your processes.

3. Be patient with yourself. It is incredibly important to manage expectations of yourself and others.

4. CELEBRATE yourself. It takes a lot to move and it can be a shock to the system.

I bet you’re wondering about my thyroid levels too…

I am very happy to report that not only did I cut my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) in half, but I also reduced my bad cholesterol by over 40 points!!!! All of the work that I put in definitely paid off.

Want to hear all about it? Listen below:

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