I can confidently say that I love my job. Sure it’s busy, can be stressful, and upsets me at times, but that’s life. My manager is amazing and encourages me to be the best version of me that I can be. With that said, a girl, gets tired! I am okay with admitting that. Things can be nonstop for me and there’s always something to do that engages most of my brain power. The key to my success is learning how to pace myself and to organize my work in a way that keeps me going during the day.

When I’m not in a meeting or on a call, I am usually working on a very specific task. I usually start my week by writing down the major things that I need to get accomplished in my Productivity planner. I break that down to daily tasks, understanding that the most important, and sometimes the most time consuming item will be completed first prior to moving on to any other task.

Once the hard stuff is out of  the way,  I feel like a rock star once I’m able to quickly finish off my other items (because I like to take every opportunity that I can to feel good about striking through that item or marking it as done…who doesn’t love that?). I also put a timer on my phone. I work for a consistent 45 minutes to an hour and I take a break. I will either walk around the office or take a fun walk up and down the stairs (Be careful with the stairs…I have frightened many of my coworkers by mistake). It’s good to take a break because in my line of work, it’s easy to spin your wheels only to get nowhere. I also try to engage in dialogue with my coworkers. It gives me a chance to take a break and to get to know them better.

The other key thing is to manage my expectations. Getting upset drains me and if I’m in a difficult situation I can definitely feel the energy being zapped away! Sometimes you have to step away from the keyboard before you say or do anything wreckless (the mute button is my personal favorite). I have only started the process of truly learning to let go and just have fun.  One of the best parts of my day is being able to laugh with my coworkers. They know how to get me excited and how to keep me calm. For that, I am truly grateful! Find a buddy or two at work that can help you laugh through the day! It really helps.

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