Remember when I asked you about your skin? Well, sometimes that lesion that you may have found, or the eczema that you have may be something more. I think that it’s extremely important that we recognize when things need to be examined by a healthcare provider.

I also think that it’s very important that you learn your body and understand when things aren’t quite right. On today’s podcast episode, I interviewed Jennifer Phillips. Jennifer Phillips is a Certified International Holistic Health Coach, an artist, and a mom. As a health coach, Jennifer does a great job working with women who want to improve their health when they’re just starting out.

She uses proven strategies to design a clear and customized action plan, that helps them reach their health goals because who doesn’t want to feel better?!

Jennifer gets to the root cause of her clients symptoms, and helps them not only strengthen their nutrition muscles, but also believes that looking beyond the plate is a necessary step to creating a nutritious life.

Her ultimate mission is to help clients tap into their intuition, listen to their bodies, and start taking action on what their soul is calling them to do.

Jennifer is also a Psoriasis Healing Specialist, after having healed herself after 30 long years, through the power of nutrition & self-love.

She’s the founder of Pso Global Consulting and the creator of a new project that’s in development called the Curiosity Cure.

If you want to learn more about her, check her out and listen to our chat while you’re at it:

Social Media @JenniferPhillipsHHC (website coming soon!)



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