Curly Girls-Interview with Tabitha Wiggins

Sometimes I just wonder….why on Earth has my hair texture changed? What are these weird snowflake like things falling out of my scalp? Well…dandruff, my friend is a fun little reminder that something is off with your scalp. I have had issues with my hair since getting sick. As I mentioned before, I cut my hair off because I just didn’t understand what was going on.

Over the years, I started following different hair bloggers, read hundred of articles and I would get so frustrated. Terms like porosity, curl patterns, “natural” started to evolve and I had no idea how to manage things. I put so many weird things in my hair because I just didn’t know. I finally figured out what worked for me:

  • I had to change my diet
  • I had to make sure I was drinking enough water
  • I had to truly research products
  • I started talking to as many experts that I could

One of my really good friends just so happens to be a natural hair blogger and I started to ask her questions. She helped me to understand the tools, products and other things that I hadn’t thought about. I watched one of her Youtube videos and I couldn’t help but laugh. I knew exactly what she was talking about!

What are some of the things that you’ve struggled with when it comes to your hair journey? Have you noticed that there are times when your hair is difficult to manage or maintain? Drop a comment and let me know!

In the mean time, take a listen to the episode:

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