Long Hair Don’t Care

Wigs, weaves, extensions…they’re all very popular right now; however, many people don’t realize that they are a game changer for so many of us that have struggled with hair loss or thin hair. I remember the days when I would run my hands through my hair and it would fall out in clumps…it was incredibly stressful.

Then enters the wonderful world of extensions!!

It was a new world. I could feel like myself again and I had the ability to change up things so much. I absolutely love it! I got into wearing wigs because my hair started to fall out and thin last year when my thyroid levels started to climb. Rather than worry about it, I purchased my first wig off of Amazon and my mind was blown!

In this week’s podcast episode, I spoke with Alyson Mcknight, a licensed cosmetologist from New York about the wonderful world of wigs and extensions and boy did I learn a lot! I had no idea that there were so many different types of hair that you could get! Mind…blown!

It also reminded me of the importance of maintaining my hair. It’s pointless to walk around thinking that you have long locks of love when you literally have dead hair just sitting there. Not cute guys…not cute!

Alyson is on instagram @Tonicahair and can be contacted at tonicahair.com

Take a listen below. I think you’re going to learn a few things!

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