Ready, Set, Goals!

I have learned that it is extremely important to set goals and crush them! I wanted 30 to be the best year ever, but in order to do that, I had to create realistic goals that would push me forward. I set 10 goals for the year: business, personal and professional. I wanted to make sure that I was working smarter and not harder in all aspects of my life.

These goals help me to keep my health in check. I make it a point to review my goals often because they keep me honest . It’s nothing worse than thinking that you have it all together only to realize that you’re failing miserably.

Here is what I have done when it comes to my goals:

  • I review them often
  • I re-evaluate when necessary
  • I made them fun!
  • I celebrate my progress each and every time I hit a goal or a milestone

To ensure that I reach my goals, I have an accountability partner. Not everyone needs to have one, but again, it keeps me honest. My accountability partner knows what I should and shouldn’t be working on and she holds me accountable!

How are you working on your goals?

P.S. If you need some help creating goals, download my FREE goal planning workbook here.

Listen to this week’s episode while you’re at it!

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