I am a planner. It fuels me and keeps me together. It’s a lot easier for me to manage my thyroid condition. Why? Simply because I’m able to keep track of my appointments, I make sure I have all of my appointments written down and I’m able to create systems for the things that I do often.

If you have things that you do more than once, write them down! Put them in your phone or put a sticky with those items on your computer.

Having things written down and is very important because it allows you to minimize stress, which ultimately will help your thyroid remain healthy.

The most important things about planning is that it also allows you to plan time for self care, which is an added bonus!

Take a look at some of my workflows, or things that I do often and you have a worksheet that you can access by going here!

Take a listen to the episode! It’s short and sweet, but gets to the point 😁

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